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it's christmas timeee

2009-12-22 16:51:01 by wrappedblood

soooooo i have 3 weeks off.
i have a lot of paintings plus animation to have done. but dude...i'm so lazyy. i just want to hang out and party.
oh well......

just turned 20!

2009-11-20 12:01:24 by wrappedblood

mannnn....i can't believe i'm 20 years old!
i wish i could be like Peter Pan.
oh well.....

don't know what to do

2009-05-28 20:36:42 by wrappedblood

it's really frustrating!! in the one hand i want to study in the art institute, but in the other hand, it's hella expiencive and i don't know if they are known, they are nown cause they are everywhere, but still..., i mean does they really worth 100.000 $?!?!